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Lets get crazzzzy and creative!


Scene No.3 

Vocals// Sing it Charlie!

In each and every one of you there's a little Beyoncé who just waits for you to let her shine! Here's your chance:

Each clip duration between 20 to 30 sec.- Shoot as many as you like, the more the merrier. 
We would like to get some shots of yourself in your work habitat, in front of your laptop.
Listed down some things we do, show us what you do:

1. Get inspired

  • Listen to the song (Uptown funk) with an earbud from one device and shoot yourself with a second device in a quiet environment so that we could enjoy your divine singing free of noise. Try to be close to the recorder smartphone.

  • Number of required singing roles:

  • 1. The song itself

  • 2. 'Dowww' - The line that opens the song (demo link)

  • 3. 'Whoo' - coming right after 'Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo)  '(demo link)

  • 4. And a number of enthusiastic calls that goes with the vibe of the song: Yhee,Roar,  Woww, ahaa, ahaa, yowww.. well, you get it...!

2. Shoot

Pro tips 

Shoot each role in different positions and different angles, hold the phone in your hand or even better place it statically, which will allow you to get in the groove while singing.

Oh! and the most important thing.. Improvise, Have fun, go crazy and enjoy yourselves!!!

3. Upload

Drop all of your awesome recordings here.
No worries if it is not perfect, not compete or even if it just your bloopers. We will make you look like a pro

One last and super important thing

Gather everyone around for the grand finalle, we really need you for this one!

In a seperate clip, record yourself:

1. Singing the phrase - DON'T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH, but in your mother tongue.








Don't believe me just watch

בוא תראה זה קורה

ما تصدقني بس شرف

Small Title

no me creas ven ver

Если не веришь - смотри

Small Title

4. Upload once more

2. Clap your hands to the beat of the song

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