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Lets get crazzzzy and creative!

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Adjust volume here ⇧

Watched the clip? Got it? Super!! Upload your content here.


1. Kindly shoot in landscape mode (not story orientation - )
2. Upload your footage as you go! Just took a once-in-a-lifetime take? Click the upload link and send it over.
3. No need to edit anything, we will do it for you!
4. If you are sending us a video, make sure that each take is only up to 7 seconds.

Muse left behind? Worry not. We've got your back!

 @ home:
●       Your overfull trolly with your Toriii T-Shirt popping out of it.
●       Torii logo on your bag on the back seat of the car drifting away towards the sunset
●       Getting into the building elevator taking one selfie before goodbye

Airport goodies:
●       Buckling up on the back seat.
●       ‘Over the logo shoulder’ shot with your hometown's iconic landscape
●       *Pointing out at the airport sign
●       Checking what gate you depart from
●       Weighing your suitcase over the checkout counter
●       Climbing the escalators
●       Glancing at the plane from the gate’s
●       Getting comfy on the plane
●       Covering your companions with the company jacket while taking a nap at 30,000ft
●       Having chicken instead of pasta
●       Passing the time staring at the ETA
●       Trying to figure out what the Spanish word for ‘not spicy’..
●       Waiting with anticipation at the luggage carousel
●       Excited to see the first ‘welcome to Barcelona sign.


2. Shoot

Pro tips 
Take each shot from TWO different angles, one will be a selfie record and the other will be a wide angle so we’ll be able to see your ‘home office’ with you in it.

Oh! and the most important thing, Improvise, Have fun, go crazy and enjoy yourselves!!!

3. Upload

Drop all of your awesome recordings here.
No worries if it is not perfect, not compete or even if it just your bloopers. We will make you look like a pro

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