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Great leaders are always learning and developing themselves and their team. That’s why, at our upcoming “ScaleUP” event in Athens, we designed a rich curriculum of leadership-related topics, delivered as 20-minute “lightning talk” sessions.


Here’s how it works:
Each round will include four sessions that run in parallel. There will be five rounds - and you’ll end up attending five sessions.

You’re invited to sign up for the session you find most relevant in each of the five rounds. But, you’ll need to be quick because registration is first-come-first-serve and each session has a limited number of registrants.

Click below to select your sessions. 

The Invisible Glue

As market conditions continue to evolve and change at a continuously accelerating pace, one of the single most important abilities for growing organizations is that of maintaining a strong sense of group cohesion and unity – especially during turbulent times. In this session, we will explore one of the four pillars to enhance companywide resilience.

From Intuition to Methodology

Getting your tasks done well, by relying on your own experience and the intuitive sense it has grown in you will no longer do, now that you’re a JFrog leader.  It’s not just about your individual ability to contribute anymore. Your role now requires that you empower and enable your people to successfully complete their tasks, without having to do it for them. In this session, we will review methods by which we can turn our past experience and intuitive abilities into formal knowledge that our people can acquire and use to excel at their jobs

Operational Empathy

Three historical trends that have propelled humanity to the top of the food chain, but at what price: eradicating empathy in the workplace. 

This session will focus on the second trend: The Evolution of the Matrix Managed organization, and discuss the challenges of cross departmental collaboration and dependencies between critical interfaces.

Decision Making:
Strategic vs. Tactical vs. Distraction

What makes for a good decision? Is it the outcome? Or perhaps the methodological path that led to it? In this session, we will address these important questions and uncover one of the most overlooked aspects of how exactly we should go about picking the right course of action, as well as prioritizing the various options before us.

Introduction to Behavioral Economics

Think you’re a rational person?
Think again!
In this session, we will take a first look at a theory that has rocked the very foundation of the world with regards to how we, human beings, approach decision-making and just how non-rational we are, most of the time.

Cognitive Biases

How in control of your decisions would you guess that you are? In this session, we will get introduced to “cognitive biases” and take a closer look at some of the automatic (most subconscious) rules of thumb that dictate the vast majority of our choices, mostly at the cost of our ability to make impactful and rational decisions.

From Silo to Cross

As leaders, we don’t have the luxury of just taking care of our own teams and departments. The operational nature of Matrix-managed organizations requires that the various departmental centers of excellence interact with one another just much the same way the various parts of the human brain do – so as to allow for a higher level of organizational intelligence. In this session, we will explore ways of effectively interacting with other departments to ensure that our mutual dependencies are well-managed, and make our collective success all the more possible.

Hiring @ Scale

For hyper-growth companies, one of the most critical and strategic challenges is the ability to source and attract top talents. This challenge has recently been compounded by market dynamics brought on by Covid-19. In this session, we will discuss several methods by which you, JFrog leaders, can play a leading role in helping our company meet its recruiting targets in support of our collective company roadmap.

From Execution to

“Who has time to think these days?!”. Sound familiar? In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of making sure we find ways of allowing ourselves to think and plan properly, even within our packed schedules and long workdays, so that we may best explore and select the best paths forward.

From Responsibility to Accountability

It’s hard being a leader. Why? Because it means you have to endure the risk that comes with letting other people do things, even though it’s your neck that remains on the line. In this session, we’ll explore how to strike the right balance between empowering our people to get things done, and maintaining an excellence threshold required to meet our targets.

Ready to select your sessions?

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