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Facebook Live!

Your  activity, online!

Streaming your live content to your audience has never been easier, or cost effective!

With HakoLive, you can now live stream your activity to any CDN Serrvice, whether your Youtube channel, your Facebook business page or directly to your own branded webpage.

With multi camera switching, wireless GoPro cameras directly switched to your stream, the abilities are endless!

Live IP Broadcast

Regardless of any existing ISP or internet infrastructure, with upstream of up to 100MB/s and up-to-date revolutionize h.265 video encoders, streaming of 4k content and multi-cameras is no longer science fiction. it is here, it is clear and it is great!  

say whay?
4K, Low delay

We Are


Overseas video calls
Video calls

Video Calls that really works!

From a near by hotel or remote NYC, thats a video call one can trust. when both picture and sound compressed and send throughout high speed uplink, both sides can benefit very low latency, great image quality and full duplex capabilities,

Display other party's desktop

When remote presentation or a demo needs to be played, when unique or classified content has to remain on a remote computer, with HakoLive you can display remote screens and desktops in a glance! 


Remote Presentations
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